Thank you to everyone who joined our Activist Summit on March 5th! What a wonderful crowd.

Eshoo March 2017 online invite_v9

A special thank you to our four panelists and to the many organization who tabled.

In the hope of continuing the great energy and cooperation we witnessed at the event, click the link below for a spreadsheet of the organizations who attended. Information, where available, is included on how to get involved with them. If you represent an organization that participated and need to submit corrections, please contact us by calling the campaign at (650) 328-3700.


Find the spreadsheet of participating orgs by clicking here: “Spreadsheet”.


Because you’ve asked:

Our panelists were:
Rita Bosworth, Founder of Sister District
Maria Salamanca, COO of Swing Left
Giselle Hale, Co-founder of SV Resistance
Fred Ross, veteran Labor Organizer and Social Justice Activist