Anna’s 2018 Official Ballot Statement

When a majority of Americans believe the next generation will have fewer opportunities than they have, we’ve got work to do. My goal is to restore confidence in our children’s future.

The problem is too familiar: kids who grow up here find jobs, but they can’t afford homes close to them. We say we value education, but don’t take the steps necessary to make schools safer or higher education affordable.

Congress can’t fix it all, but I’m doing my part to make progress. My colleagues and I successfully secured $647 million in federal grants to electrify and modernize Caltrain. With expanded ridership, more cars are off freeways and opportunities for affordable housing on transit corridors multiply.

Nothing matters more than children’s safety. That’s why I voted to ban assault weapons, oppose bump stocks and support comprehensive background checks. Mental health screening is part of the solution, but arming teachers with guns is not.

Affordable higher education creates more opportunity. I support no-interest government loans for college students and believe those carrying student loan debt should be able to refinance at no interest. Government shouldn’t profit from developing the nation’s talent.

Immigrants make our nation stronger. Let’s establish paths to citizenship for “Dreamers” and reform our immigration system now.

I’m committed to protecting Social Security, Medicare and affordable healthcare. Proud that Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama signed 40 of my bills into law. For more, visit my website:

All this requires hard work, but our country is worth it.