Innovate and lead

Progress for America's most creative region

  • Eshoo-kitchen300wIntroduced legislation to designate Coast Dairies a National Monument to permanently protect the coast, watershed and redwood forest;
  • Promoted better labeling and testing of pharmaceuticals for children;
  • Provided a pathway to create “generic” versions of biologic drugs which will lower the price of life-saving therapies and foster new medical innovations;
  • Ensured that low-income women who are diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer receive treatment, and insurance companies pay for reconstructive surgery for these patients;
  • Reduced allowable lead content in “lead-free” household pipes from 8% to 0.25%;
  • Successfully worked to eliminate lifetime caps in insurance policies and to include those with pre-existing conditions in The Affordable Care Act;
  • Established programs at NIH to prevent the causes of pre-term labor.
  • Created the use of electronic signatures, making legally binding digital documents possible and allowing online commerce to flourish;
  • Secured funding for broadband deployment, health information technology, and research and education for mathematics, life sciences, and engineering;
  • Worked to provide discounts for schools and libraries to increase public Internet access;
  • Enabled emergency call centers to obtain the necessary technology to locate mobile phone users when they call 911;
  • Improved energy efficiency of federal computer data centers;
  • Led the charge in Congress for the most democratic rules possible to preserve Net Neutrality for an open, accessible and free Internet;
  • Advanced legislation to increase the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation A offering limit from $5 million to $50 million to increase access to capital for startups and small businesses.
  • Lowered the volume of loud television advertisements;
  • Worked to reduce intrusive robo-calls from bill collectors and marketers;
  • Wrote the Homeowner Bill of Rights to protect families from aggressive lending practices;
  • Acting on a recommendation of the 9/11 Commission and working with police, fire and safety officers, Anna established a nationwide interoperable public safety network;
  • Fighting for a tax break for those who pay Homeowners Association fees for services like trash pick-up and storm-water management when they also pay taxes for those services;
  • Advocating for competition in the ‘set top box’ market to spark a next generation of alternatives and give consumers a choice.

Anna_and_seniorThe issues that affect seniors – protecting Social Security and Medicare – have always been at the top of my legislative agenda. Throughout my time in office, I have been emphatic in my support of Social Security. I have cosponsored and voted for legislation that strengthens Social Security in the following ways:

  • Worked to increase the primary insurance amount formula factor from 90% to 93% for all eligible beneficiaries;
  • Revised computation of cost-of-living adjustments to use the Consumer Price Index for Elderly Consumers;
  • Increased the special minimum primary insurance amount for lifetime low earners based on years in the workforce;
  • Cosponsored legislation to amend the Social Security Act to provide coverage for pharmacist services.
  • Cosponsored legislation to amend the Social Security Act to establish a national Oncology Medical Home Demonstration Project for the purpose of changing the Medicare payment for cancer care in order to enhance the quality of care and to improve cost efficiency.

I will continue to fight to make Social Security stronger and to ensure that all are served.




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