We must put an end to the degradation of the Presidency. Today’s announcement from the Speaker of a formal impeachment inquiry marks the beginning of the end.
— Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, September 24th, 2019
I support the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment inquiry 1,000%. I will go wherever the evidence leads but the evidence must include the underlying documents on which the Mueller Report is based.
— Responding to Constituent Questions, Spring 2019


Anna’s criteria for supporting impeachment of President Trump:

  • Evidence of “high crimes and misdemeanors” beyond the Mueller Report;

  • Thorough investigation by the House Judiciary Committee; and

  • Bipartisan support for impeachment.

Gun Violence

In the wake of the recent mass shootings in Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton, one of Anna’s highest priorities is to pressure Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to allow the U.S. Senate to vote on the gun reform bills passed by the House in February of this year. 

Anna supports common sense gun control legislation that:

  • Establishes universal background checks for all gun sales, including online and at gun shows, and extends the time period during which a background check can be completed before being automatically approved from 3 days to 10;

  • Reinstates the Assault Weapons Ban; and

  • Encourages states to pass “red flag” laws to temporarily remove firearms from a person who may present a danger to themselves or others.

...[W]e can do something about this. We can really bring the numbers down. Can we resolve every single case? No. But isn’t it worth saving the majority of lives being taken every single day in our country? Of course it is...
— KRON4 Interview, November 2017

I believe that universal access to affordable quality health care is a government responsibility.
— Announcing Her Candidacy for Congress, March 1992

Health Care - Universal Access

Since her days serving in San Mateo County government and throughout her tenure in Congress, Anna has been a health policy leader with a clear, overarching goal: to achieve universal health care in our country.

Anna will continue to fight to protect and strengthen the Affordable Care Act and to achieve universal healthcare coverage for all. She’s working to:

  • Pass bipartisan health bills that improve our health care system right now; 

  • Pass bills to lower the price of prescription drugs; and

  • Increase the budget for medical research to eliminate the most aggressive diseases.

In addition, Anna backed the passage of a package of bills that will:

  • End surprise medical billing;

  • Invest in Community Health Centers, safety net hospitals, and Medicare and Medicaid; and

  • Pay for Nursing Workforce Development Programs that provide loan repayments, scholarships, and grants for recruitment and retention. 

Health Care - Reducing Prescription Drug Costs

One of Anna’s top priorities is to lower health care costs and especially prescription drug costs in our country. As Chairwoman of the Health Subcommittee of the Energy and Commerce Committee, Anna is uniquely positioned and qualified to tackle this challenge and supports:

  • Increasing transparency of the drug supply chain and drug patents;

  • Eliminating ‘gag clauses’ which limit patients’ access to price information; 

  • Ending abuses and closing loopholes in the drug pricing system;

  • Reducing barriers to generic drug development, such as ending brand manufacturers’ use of payoffs to delay generic drugs; and

  • Addressing rising drug prices in the Medicare program.

Drug policy should always support safety, affordability, and innovation, and our current system is failing on several fronts.
— House Floor Speech Addressing Drug Pricing, May 2019

I don’t know when women and small children were a threat to our national security … I’ve never seen that before.
— Peninsula Press Interview, November 2018


Anna has consistently voted for immigration reform, including the DREAM Act, and has taken strong stands against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). 

In July, Anna traveled to the US-Mexico border to visit with asylum seekers and witnessed the appalling conditions at the detention centers. She voted for $4.6 billion in emergency spending to address this humanitarian crisis and the adoption of rules requiring that facilities housing children meet higher standards of care, but much more needs to be done. 

Anna supports comprehensive immigration reform legislation that includes: 

  • A pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants; 

  • Modernized visa programs for high-skilled and agricultural workers; 

  • Enhanced border security; and

  • Employer accountability for employing undocumented workers. 

Climate Change

Anna believes that the science on climate change is indisputable and that we must act now to protect future generations from the devastating impacts of climate change.

Anna supports the following to address climate change:

  • A tax on carbon emissions; 

  • Reduction of fossil fuels usage; 

  • Higher vehicular fuel efficiency requirements; 

  • More energy efficient buildings; 

  • Investment in clean public transportation; and 

  • Expansion of clean energy.

‘Preserve and protect’ - we often use these words in reference to the US Constitution. Today, they are our environmental credo…
— A Message to Voters, October 2006

The primary responsibility for achieving real, lasting relief from traffic congestion, rests with state and local officials. I’m proud to have partnered with them to provide funds for the electrification and modernization of Caltrain. And, we can do more!
— Open Forum, Summer 2017

Transportation and Traffic

Bay Area traffic has become increasingly congested resulting in diminished quality of life and productivity for constituents. Anna has a long history of supporting the modernization of public transportation and innovation in modes of transit.

Anna supports the following efforts to alleviate traffic and improve our transportation system:

  • Obtained federal funding to upgrade the public transit system:

    • $2.4 million grant to the Santa Clara Valley Transport Authority for electric, emission-free buses;

    • $6.3 million grant for a rail trail along Highway 1 in Santa Cruz County; and

    • $3.8 million grant to the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District for electric, emission-free buses for Highway 17;

  • Electrify Caltrain to slash emissions and enable trains to run more efficiently;

  • Advocate for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure; 

  • Promote development and regulation of autonomous vehicles; and

  • Support research and development on alternative modes of transportation.

Airplane Noise

As a result of the Federal Aviation Administration’s implementation of the NextGen Initiative in 2015, local flight paths changed and airplane noise complaints increased dramatically.

Anna led the effort to reduce airplane noise in the Bay Area. She:

  • Organized a region-wide committee of elected officials that met almost two dozen times and regularly convened community members, airports and the FAA to propose, evaluate and promulgate solutions;

  • Cosponsored legislation to restore funding to the EPA’s Office of Noise Abatement and Control and to require the EPA Administrator to review the FAA’s noise measurement and abatement practices; and 

  • Continues to apply pressure on the FAA to institute changes that will bring relief to her constituents.

I said to the [FAA] administrator, ‘You broke this. You are the one who made a mess out of this, so it’s up to you to fix this. People here are simply not going to put up with this. And they shouldn’t have to.
— Peninsula Press Interview, October 2015

Affordable housing is an oxymoron in our region.
— Meeting with Silicon Valley Association of Realtors, September 2015


The affordable housing crisis has reached epic proportions in the Bay Area.

Anna calls for creative, collaborative solutions to address the housing shortage and additional federal funding, including: 

  • Working with cities to satisfy their Regional Housing Need Allocation goals for construction of housing, including affordable housing;

  • Encouraging local public agencies to assess the value of the land they own to see if any of it can be developed for affordable housing. For example, land owned by school districts might be used to build teacher housing;

  • Supporting the creation of public-private partnerships to develop affordable housing; and

  • Increased funding for programs such as the Community Development Block Grant, Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing, and Section 8 Vouchers and for programs to end homelessness.

Net Neutrality

Anna believes that an open, free and accessible Internet promotes the robust exchange of ideas essential to a democracy. She championed the adoption of net neutrality rules and is now fighting to get these critical provisions reinstated through the courts and legislative action. 

Anna serves on the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology and is an original cosponsor of legislation that would overturn the Trump Administration’s 2017 repeal of the net neutrality provisions. This legislation passed the House but has yet to be put to a vote in the Senate. 

Anna will continue to advocate for the reinstatement of strong net neutrality rules that encourage competition, promote free speech and protect consumers.

The Internet belongs to all of us.
— House Floor Speech Regarding Net Neutrality, December 2017

... I believe that our democratic institutions are undergoing a stress test in our country... Putting our private information on offer without concern for possible misuses is simply irresponsible.
— House Energy & Commerce Committee Hearing, April 2018


Anna believes that the time has come for technology companies to exercise some corporate responsibility with respect to our privacy. It is important that privacy be protected to help individuals maintain their autonomy, individuality and freedom to choose what information is shared and what is held close.

Anna serves on the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology and is working on a federal privacy bill that would:

  • Protect consumers data and privacy;

  • Regulate companies use of consumer data; and

  • Require strong enforcement provisions.